Getxo Mansions and Portulagete

Another long walk. Nothing new. Living in northern Spain. I was trying to spend the day at the beach but after getting off the metro at Naguri I just kept walking. Pulled along by different curiosities: geometric mansions, ferries suspended over the water, topless elderly women, and mermen to name a few.

I wandered  almost five hours before finding a bus ride home.

One of my accidental discoveries today were the castle-like mansions of Getxo, and the transporter bridge of Portugalete. For the bridge, a ferry suspended on cables, I used the last of my Barik card money to take the trip across. Later, some medieval arches spined along the walking paths in the older part of the city. A weird reminder that there were hundreds of thousands of days before this one.

It’s so easy to forget that everything is built upon something dead, and the “great” men who advanced civilization did so by obliterating those who opposed them, Alexander the Great, Genghis Kahn…. “Creation through destruction” I guess. Was the universe made to behave this way also? Like the renewal of a forest through fire? And another thing, what first propelled the arrow of time? And once it falls will it really never be fletched again?

Masions of Getxo  Mansions of Getxo


1d2cb-img.jpg Naguri 579e1-img.jpg

merman.jpgPortugalete ferry  Basque ferry merman




04e80-img.jpg medieval ruins, Portugalete 81c9f-img.jpg



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